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Learn how easy it is to start your own part time lawn care service and make up to $100 a day following this proven program.

  • Set your own work schedule.
  • Work on your terms ONLY!
  • Make $25 an hour or More.
  • Low or no startup cost.
  • Build your business as you go.
  • Plus, small business perks!
I offer you an easy to follow and inexpensive guide that shows how to ease into making money part time mowing residential lawns. Most people that mow their own lawns already have most of the equipment and knowledge to get started, they just need a guideline for what to do to get started. If you do not have the equipment or knowledge we show you what you need and how to do it.

The guide explains how to narrow your focus to keep your lawn mowing business simple & profitable!
  • Work only one, or two days a week part time & make great cash.
  • What type of jobs to persue and stay away from.
  • Work on your time, terms and schedule ONLY.
  • Advertise for customers then start mowing for their neighbors.
  • Get paid well for your efforts instead of settling for a part time job!
I have been mowing lawns part time for several seasons and have perfected the system for making good money in just a few hours a night each week. I still work a full time job and love the freedom of having my own part time business. Why go to work for a business that offers poor pay and tells you when you have to work? I DO NOT work any weekends at all!

Chapters in the manual include...
  1. Customer relations - reliability, quality, setting a standard.
  2. Advertising - inexpensive advertising methods, business cards, flyers, door hangers, incentive programs.
  3. Mowing Knowledge - mowing season, mowing days & hours, mowing jobs, job sizes.
  4. Pricing - by the job, price by lot size, how to measure a lot.
  5. Equipment - mowers, trimmers, blowers, safety equipment, tools & accessories.
  6. Lawn Service Techniques - mowing, trimming, & blowing.
  7. Equipment Maintenance - mower, trimmer, blower service.
  8. Billing & Accounting - do it your self or hire an accountant.
  9. Quick Start Tips - 1 through 10 quick start guide.
  10. Example - business cards, flyer, door hanger, and contract.
The cost of this manual is an inexpensive investment to learn how to start making very good money. Order now and learn the secrets of how to make $100 a day mowing lawns part time - the right way!

Your manual can be downloaded instantly for your to save, print and use after your Paypal payment is confirmed. (pay by credit card, debit card or personal check without setting up an account)
 now only $4.99!
The cost of this manual is an inexpensive investment to learn how to start making very good money! Order now and start learning the secrets of how to make $100 a day mowing lawns part time.

Thank you!
L&D Lawn Care
Bismarck, ND

PS - I offer an unconditional money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase. PLUS -I offer email support for any questions you might have about getting your business going and making you money!